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Local updates summarising the key issues/developments/initiatives relating to the Roma community in local areas across the UK

December 2017

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New Resources

Migration Yorkshire (2018) ‘National Roma Network 2015-2017: Development, learning and action’

This report outlines findings from the work of the National Roma Network 2015-2017.The report describes the structure and work of the Network, and outlines key issues and practice in a range of policy areas such as: education, employment and skills, police and criminal justice, Brexit, housing and health. It explores cross-cutting themes, such as data on migrant Roma, cultural awareness and diversity of the migrant and the complexity of the Roma situation. Finally, it lists recommendations for a way forward. The report is available here.

Multimedia Toolkit for Roma Parents

Law for Life’s new project aims to address a significant need for knowledge and understanding about the legal framework of child protection amongst Roma parents living in the UK.

They will develop a multimedia toolkit explaining the legal framework of child protection narrated by Roma community members in their native language.

They are keen to involve as many organisations and professionals involved in supporting Roma families in this context as possible.

For further inquiries about this project, please contact Dada Felja:


Revealing Reality (2018) ‘Settled? Avoiding pitfalls and maximising potential for those seeking post-Brexit settled status

This study funded by Transitional Advice Fund engages EU migrants across the UK to uncover attitudes towards Brexit and the capability of different people to navigate the application process for settled status. It features Roma living in Glasgow. The report is available here.

A video about the Roma community in Eastwood, Rotherham

A short film split into three parts: Eastwood Village; the reality of the Roma community that lives there; and the vision for the future from the perspective of Clifton Learning Partnership – an organisation striving to empower all the residents of Eastwood to take ownership of their own advancement as a community.


The video is available on Clifton Partnership website.

Documentary on the Roma community in Hungary ’Gypsy kids taken from home’ – available on BBC iPLAYER

Hungary has more Roma kids in institutional care than any other EU country and is facing a potential crisis. Stacey Dooley meets some of the parents, kids and social workers on the frontline of Hungary’s child protection system, as she investigates accusations by Roma families of widespread institutional racism in the Hungarian care system.


The documentary is available at BBC website .

European Roma Rights Centre’s publication on Child Protection Practice with Romani Children in England featuring Roma

The report produced by European Roma Rights Centre and written by Dan Allen and Sarah Riding of the University of Salford (EERC) is available here.

Hate Crime leaflets in Roma languages

Hate crime leaflets in a number of languages, including those spoken by Roma – Czech, Hungarian, Latvian, Polish, Slovak and Romanian. The leaflets can be downloaded from here.  

Video explaining Hate Crime in Romani language

The video explains Hate Crime for the Roma community in Romani language. It provides an easy to understand definition of Hate Crime, including in relation to LGBT issues. It recommends the Roma community contact the Police for support and encourages community members to report Hate Crime. It is accessible here

Opre Roma Film

A new film titled “Opre Roma!” was self-produced in Italy and it is about the history, culture and art of Roma people through the testimonies of the Roma people in Italy.

The main idea of this project is to support and nurture the process through which people can start to know about the Roma culture as it really is, beyond all the prejudices, misconceptions and rhetoric, by simply giving voice to those who belong to the culture itself.

To see a small excerpt from the film please see here.
Further information: https://www.calamariunion.it/copia-di-opre-roma

Roma CSE Drama – Story in BBC Look North

BBC Look North reported on a story with a group of Roma teenagers in the Eastwood area of the town who’ve made a film warning their community of the risks of child sexual exploitation. It comes after the Alexis Jay Report on child grooming in Rotherham highlighted increasing concerns about the sexual exploitation of Roma children in the town. The film was made by young Roma people in collaboration with the charities Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance and My Place Rotherham.

The link to the BBC reports is here.

Resources to promote CSE Awareness amongst Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities

Children’s Society produced posters and leaflets about Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) which have been translated into two Roma community languages of Romanian and Slovak. The resources can be found here . They also produced animation which can be accessed on YouTube and Facebook

A Guide To Knowing Roma

A Guide To Knowing Roma, accessible here, is a collaborative comics journalism article created with members of Roma communities from Eastern Europe living and working in U.K, Friends of Romano Lav organisation based in Glasgow and the art by Alexandre De Maio, Brazilian cartoonist.

Recent publications about Roma (or featuring Roma)

National Federation of Gypsy Liaison Groups, Friends Families and Travellers, Roma Support Group and Roma Community Care (March, 2018) ‘National Roma Integration Society Civil Society Monitoring Report’ (Project is carried out for the European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers). View the report  here.

British Academy (Dec, 2017) ‘If you could do one thing… The integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers’. A case study of St Edmund’s Nursery School and Children’s Centre: Integrating Roma children from Central and Eastern European into early years education is available here

BBC Report on Experiences of Roma after Brexit

Mark Ansell’s report on post-Brexit experiences of Roma living in Sheffield and Rotherham. See the report here.

#OperationReportHate campaign

The campaign is aimed at raising awareness within the Gypsy, Traveller and Roma communities about hate crimes and the need to report them. The end goal is for the hate crimes against Gypsy, Traveller and Roma communities to be given the same public profile and recognition as other hate crimes. For more information please see the Traveller Movement website.

CSE awareness video (in Slovak) produced with help of REMA in Rotherham

‘Viem Ako Sa Citis’ – I know how you feel. A video written and produced by Roma young people, highlighting the risk of Child Sexual Exploitation. The video is hosted here.



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