A list of publications exploring housing, including homelessness and rough sleeping, and environmental issues, including neighbourhood management by local authorities

Roma Support Group (2016) ‘Rough sleeping Roma in the City of Westminster’
This publication aims to provide a greater understanding of the ‘pull’ factors leading to rough-sleeping in the borough of Westminster and to provide insights that could be used to develop a strategy for reducing rough-sleeping among Romanian nationals of Roma ethnicity.

Roma Support Group and Aire Centre (2016) ‘London Borough of Brent; the Metropolitan Police and Romanian Police; UKBA and ‘Romanian Roma’: The use of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs)’
This briefing paper explores why the Roma’s right to work is being denied in two neighbourhoods of Brent and how the removal of EU migrant workers is already being explored by local agencies.

Housing included in other reports:

Philip Brown et all (2016) ‘Supporting Roma Voices’

Marley Morris (2016) ‘Roma communities and Brexit: Integrating and empowering Roma in the UK’

Gary Craig (2011) ‘United Kingdom The Roma: Study of National Policies