Publications related to Roma experiences of accessing and engaging with education services in the UK.

Roma Support Group (2017) ‘Fulfilling their potential? Exclusion of Roma pupils in English educational system’. 

The briefing paper finds that an increasing number of Roma students are facing permanent exclusion and are restricted to sub-standard ‘alternative’, off site provision and explores what lies behind high exclusion figures for Roma pupils.

Roma Support Group (2016) ‘Free school meals and Roma children in England’
This publication looks at the changes to free school meals for Roma children in a number of local authorities in the UK, further examines the reasons behind it and the likely effects of changes on schools funding through pupil premiums.

Roma Support Group (2016) ‘Education – a Roma perspective’
This publication is based on Roma Support Group’s 17 years of projects working with Roma children, young people and their families in the area of education, aspiration and mentoring. It provides a brief introduction to the history of the Roma community and their educational experience; provides practical information with a view to professionals going on to develop their own understanding and body of resources; and gives perspective of Roma young people on how they view the educational system in the UK.

Show racism the Red Card (2016) ‘Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children in the Welsh school system: Promoting equality and tackling racism’
This resource is a toolkit for teachers and practitioners working with GRT children in Welsh schools. The content is also transferable to other education systems. It gives practical advice, tips and examples on how racism incidents can be challenged and what schools can do to promote equality, reduce racist incidences, and recognise distinct problems migrant Roma children might face in the British school system.

University Of Sussex (2015) Researching marginalised minorities in the UK higher education and the case of Roma: Policy and Practice
This report is composed of two briefing papers – one on the social dimensions of higher education systems in the UK and was prepared by Stela Garaz, Program and Studies Officer at Roma Education Fund. The second is on Roma’s access to education in the UK by Gabriela Petre, a Roma from Romania currently studying in the 2nd year of Ph. D. programme in Bucharest and a beneficiary of Roma Education Fund.

Mark Penfold (2015, revised 2016) ‘Improving educational outcomes for pupils from the new Roma communities’
This publication identifies background information required to understand the educational needs of pupils from the new migrant Roma communities and brings together best practice and practical strategies to help meet these needs. It also examines how useful the current approach of including Roma in the GRT umbrella is, and proposes the way forward.

Roma Smile (2015) ‘National report in the UK’
The report explores the ways of addressing marginalisation of and ensuring positive experiences of schooling for Roma children in the UK. This includes building secure relationships, creating a sense of community within the classroom, establishing social expectations and supporting families.

Dr Daniela Sime, Dr Giovanna Fassetta and Dr Michele McClung (2014) ‘Roma families’ engagement with education and other services in Glasgow’
This study looks at the experiences of Roma children mainly from Slovakia and Romania, in Glasgow and explores factors having an impact on engagement and attainment of the children – family financial situation in the UK, command of English, Roma culture and parents’ own experiences of school back home.

Mark Payne (2014) ‘The integration of Roma Slovak pupils into a secondary school in Sheffield: A case of school super-diversity?’

The report examines challenges schools face in welcoming the migrant children, inducting and integrating them and facilitating access to the school curriculum through a case study of one of the schools in Sheffield. 

Ofsted (2014) ‘Overcoming barriers: ensuring that Roma children are fully engaged and achieving in education’
This publication examines how schools with higher numbers of Roma pupils in Derby, Manchester and Sheffield are overcoming barriers to engagement and attainment, and presents five examples of good practice.

Lisa Scullion and Philip Brown (2013) ‘What’s working?’: Promoting the inclusion of Roma in and through education Transnational policy review and research report
This report provides an overview of educational practices towards Roma in chosen EU countries, including a case study in the Manchester region, UK. It looks at the key issues of engagement with the Roma children from the perspective of selected stakeholders – teachers and head teachers, local authorities’ educational services and voluntary sector.

BHA (2012) ‘A report into the impact of multi-agency work supporting Roma children in education’
This report looks at the effectiveness of partnership and strategic working in the education of Roma children across four cities – Manchester, Calderdale, Bradford and Redbridge.

Bolton Council (2012) ‘Raising Eastern European Gypsy/Roma Achievement: A guide for educational practitioners’
This guide provides background information on who Roma are, what additional needs they might have and how to respond to them. It gives practical advice on how to deal with issues such as attendance, behaviour, bullying, registration and encouragement of Roma ascription, and the assessment of learning needs in the way sensitive to the culture of the Roma community.

Lucie Fremlova and Heather Ureche (2011) ‘From segregation to Inclusion: Roma Pupils in the UK Pilot research’
This study examines the differences in educational experiences of Roma children from Slovakia and Czech Republic in British schools compared to schools in their home countries and provides perspectives from their parents and teachers.

Case studies

Integrating Roma children from Central and Eastern European into early years education – Bradford (2017)

Exploring the intercultural identity of Slovak-Roma children in the UK – Kent (2017)

Engagement with Roma pupils through music – Sheffield Music Hub (2016)

Supporting Roma Students – Firth Park Academy (2016)

Education, linguistic and social integration of Slovak Roma Children – Firth Park Academy (2015)

Supporting the educational development of Slovak Roma pupils in Sheffield: the Roma Language and Educational Tool (RoLET)

Raising aspirations and retaining Roma pupils at Key Stage 4 – Babington Community College (2015) 

Effective engagement with Roma pupils – Babington Community College