A list of publications mapping migrant Roma communities across the UK.

The UK

National Federation of Gypsy Liaison Groups, Friends Families and Travellers, Roma Support Group and Roma Community Care (March, 2018) ‘National Roma Integration Society Civil Society Monitoring Report’

Report from the project is carried out for the European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers regarding the UK’s implementation of National Roma Integration Strategy. 

Philip Brown et al (2016) ‘Supporting Roma Voices’

The report is the end product of a multi-agency, practice led project, which aimed to support the growth of grassroots community advocacy as part of the growth of an inclusive and engaged Roma community in the UK. The project focused on four thematic areas: Community Relations, Housing, Education and Employment & Social Welfare across four different regions: London, South Yorkshire, the North West of England and the East Midlands.

Marley Morris (2016) ‘Roma communities and Brexit: Integrating and empowering Roma in the UK’

The report provides a brief overview of employment, education, housing and health, with specific case studies exploring local authorities and third sector engagement in Derby, Glasgow and Redbridge, and looks at the implications of Brexit on funding for Roma integration.

Phillip Brown et al (2013) ‘Migrant Roma in the UK: Population size and experiences of local authorities and partners: Final report

The report attempts to estimate the size of migrant Roma in the UK and provides experiences of local authorities in engaging with Roma communities in their localities, approaches undertaken, and challenges and barriers to successful work.

Gary Craig (2011) ‘United Kingdom The Roma: Study of National Policies

An overview of situation of migrant Roma in the UK including the patterns of settlement, government policies and programmes, and experiences in accessing education, employment, health and housing.



Regional reports

Local case studies