A list of publications – reports, needs assessments and examples of good practice – by health practitioners, and other statutory and voluntary organisations.

Margaret Greenfields et all (2014) ‘Bridging the gap between academics and policy makers: Gypsy, Traveller and Roma health and social work engagement’
This report is an end product of a series of meetings aiming to define best practice in policy approaches to health and social care engagement with the GRT communities from a broad academic and practice evidence base. It includes a number of specific aspects of health care and social work, as well as general health inclusion of the GRT communities, and provides a series of recommendations to a broad range of stakeholders.

The Big Issue in the North (2014) ‘Roma Women’s Health Champions: Evaluation report’ 
This project aimed to increase Roma community’s knowledge and awareness of local health services, and improve understanding of the particular health needs of their community and how they could be positively addressed. A key component of the project was to establish a process of empowering Roma women to disseminate the learning and information to improve the health and lives of their communities.

Roma Support Group (2011) ‘Roma Mental Health Advocacy Project: Evaluation report’
This publication is an evaluation of a three year project looking at improving Roma community access and experience to mental health provisions in the UK. It explores the barriers and enablers in accessing mental health provisions by the Roma community, looks at profiles of the Roma users, their relationships with practitioners and effectiveness of the current provision.

Roma specific health assessments

Roma included in wider health assessments

Examples of good practice

Roma Support Group (2017) ‘Awareness Training Programme for NHS staff; Working with Roma in Health and Safeguarding context: Evaluation report’

Migration Yorkshire (2014) ‘Providing an Effective Health Service for Roma Women in Yorkshire’

Migration Yorkshire (2012) ‘Improving the Health of Roma communities in the Yorkshire and Humber Region: a guide to good practice’

Resources for health staff