Publications exploring engagement with Roma communities in the UK, including specific case studies, and useful resources for professionals wanting to improve their engagement with Roma

Philip Brown et al (2016) ‘Supporting Roma Voices’                                                                                                            

The report is the end product of a multi-agency, practice led project, which aimed to support the growth of grassroots community advocacy as part of the growth of an inclusive and engaged Roma community in the UK. 

Babington Community College and Lucie Fremlova (2015) ‘Multi-agency working: Roma’
This publication looks at the context in which various agencies are working with the Roma community in the UK, and proposes simple actions to improve communication and engagement with the Roma community.

Roma Support Group (2014) ‘Roma Support Engagement Programme: Final evaluation report’
This report looks at the effectiveness of the two year engagement programme delivered in four regions – London, East of England, Yorkshire and Humber and South East England – as a response to an identified and increasing need among services providers to engage more effectively with disadvantaged Roma families and for Roma people to develop capacity to make better use of statutory services.

Lisa Scullion and Philip Brown (2013) ‘What’s working?’: Promoting the inclusion of Roma in and through education Transnational policy review and research report
This report provides an overview of educational practices towards Roma in chosen EU countries, including a case study in the Manchester region, UK. It looks at the key issues of engagement with the Roma children from the perspective of selected stakeholders – teachers and head teachers, local authorities’ educational services and voluntary sector.

Roma Support Group (2011) ‘Improving engagement with the Roma community’
This report examines barriers Roma communities face when engaging with mainstream services and identifies the most effective and appropriate approaches and mechanisms.

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