A list of publications exploring social inclusion of Roma communities in the UK, including access to employment, welfare and other income

Roma Support Group (2016) ‘Free school meals and Roma children in England

This publication looks at the changes to free school meals for Roma children in a number of local authorities in the UK, further examines the reasons behind it and the likely effects of changes on schools funding through pupil premiums.

Roma Support Group (2015) ‘The impact on migrant Roma communities of changes in welfare and entitlements’

This report explores the impact of change on individuals and families, as well as wider local public services. It locates a number of distinct areas where the changes have been most destructive including claimants deemed not to have a right to reside for benefit purposes despite their length of residence in the UK, or their history of employment in the UK; claimants being defined not as workers but as jobseekers, and so denying their right to housing benefit; administrative delays as a route to destitution; the cumulative effect of changes to eligibility; administrative delays and systematic errors is felt by individuals and families alike and the extensive and pervasive impact on other public services.

‘Guidance for the public on immigration and asylum issues’ available in Romani

Bar Standards Board’s Guidance for the public on immigration and asylum issues is now available in Romani . An electronic copy is on BSB website , while a hard copy can be requested by contacting ContactUs@BarStandardsBoard.org.uk

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