British Red Cross

British Red Cross runs a project called The Circles which supports gypsy, Roma and traveller communities living in Birmingham.

Services offered: information and helps with finding affordable and suitable housing; completing license and tenancy mortgage applications; organising repairs and improvements to homes; budgeting effectively; accessing community facilities and local services, health and social care providers, cultural services, benefits agencies and other specialist services.


The Roma Project

The Roma project aims to tackle exploitation of the Roma community in Coventry and to advance their integration within the city since 2010. They build capacity for the Roma community in Coventry to have a voice and influence public authorities and highlight the issues and needs that are specific to the community:

Services offered: benefits and other advice, support for those experiencing discrimination and/or hate crime; cultural awareness trainings for professionals working with migrant Roma

This information is accurate as of June 2017. Please contact for any amendments or to add your organisation to the list