East of England

East of England Strategic Migration Partnership

From October 2017 Strategic Migration Partnership (SMP) is working in partnership with Fenland District Council to deliver a two year project ‘Parallel Lives’ which is seeking to integrate the East of England’s Roma community – ease pressures on local services, tackle chronic discrimination against Roma people, and help to establish a more cohesive and mutually respectful environment.


Luton Roma Trust

Luton Roma Trust is a non-profit organisation, which works holistically to enhance the lives of the Roma community of Luton, meeting them in their deepest needs, and supporting their emancipation and social integration within the wider life of the town.

Services offered: family support and advice, English and literacy sessions, music activities, community celebrations, awareness sessions, Luton Roma Church


Norfolk and Suffolk Gypsy Roma and Traveller Service

Services offered: help with accommodation, education, training, work, local regulations and driving licence, access to health and other services, ESOL training, work in prisons, some activities are Roma specific (dedicated European Roma Officer)



COMPAS is a non-profit organisation working mainly with Roma community (Slovak and Czech) but open to all Eastern European migrants that promotes community cohesion, social justice and cultural values. Their annual review 2016-2017 is available here.

Services offered: youth clubs, junior clubs, Roma Supplementary School, ESOL, community celebrations, awareness session, Slovak consular services

This information is accurate as of December 2017. Please contact Ewa.Jamroz@migrationyorkshire.org.uk for any amendments or to add your organisation to the list