What is National Roma Network?

National Roma Network (NRN) is a partnership of voluntary and community organisations, Roma community groups, individuals, representatives from local and central government, statutory organisations, universities and researchers.

NRN was established to improve migrant Roma integration across the UK for the benefit of all communities. Members of the NRN meet a few times a year to discuss issues important to Roma communities in the UK.

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What is the purpose of NRN?

  • To enable and support a national strategic approach to migrant Roma integration in the UK;
  • To ensure a more joined-up approach to migrant Roma integration across sectors including Central Government, Local Government, other statutory organisations, the voluntary sector, Roma groups and individuals;
  • To increase Roma participation and involvement in policy across the UK;
  • To ensure a strong united voice in influencing policy and practice affecting migrant Roma at national and local level;
  • To enable exchange of information and share good practice.

Why Roma, and not all GRT groups?

From the start of the NRN it was agreed that the focus of the network would be on migrant Roma, rather than the wider EU definition of Roma, and all events organised by the NRN are migrant Roma focused. However, as there is recognition that some issues faced by migrant Roma in the UK are simliar to those experienced by Gypsy and Traveller groups, so the aim of the NRN is to work collaboratively with others to achieve best outcomes for migrant Roma. The NRN is committed to working in partnership with other GRT groups whenever beneficial for both groups.

Who do we mean by migrant Roma?

The term ‘migrant Roma’ is used to describe migrants who came to the UK from Eastern and Central Europe predominantly after the expansion of the EU in 2004 and 2007, and are of Roma origins. The greatest number of Roma live in Central and Eastern Europe: Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and the former Yugoslavia.

How does NRN operate?

The NRN is funded by Metropolitan Migration Foundation, with secretarial and policy support provided by Migration Yorkshire. The NRN is led by the National Roma Network Working Group (NRNWG). The NRNWG includes up to 12 individuals representing funders, Migration Yorkshire, Roma individuals and key organisations working with Roma:

The Chair of the NRN is the Head of Migration Yorkshire and the Co-Chairs are Roma individuals voted by the members of the migrant Roma community. The current chair is Dave Brown and co-chairs are Denisa Gannon from Coventry Law Centre and Dinu Liviu from University of Salford.

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